Life can be pretty cool sometimes. In My Humble Opinion.

Well as they say, its better than the alternative

Yes, yes it can be cool can’t it? Although sometimes it’s a bitch, but it’s still cool just to be experiencing it.

Life can be cool until it kicks you in the ass when you aren’t looking or when you think nothing can go wrong.

Sigh. There is that. But what the hell, it keeps things interesting.
Besides there’s nothing like a streak of total disaster to make good times even better by pure contrast.


Yeah. If only they hadn’t stopped publishing it on a regular basis.

…is but a dream, unless it’s a sentence…

And hey, Mikey likes it


Life is a virgin.
If it was a bitch, it would be easy.

Life in a box is better than no life at all.
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead

I mean, at least you’d have a chance, wouldn’t you?

You’d lie there thinking, “…well. At least I’m not dead. I a minute someone’s going to bang on the lid and say ‘hey! whatsyername! come out of there!’”

Post 1000! I was going to do something special for it, but couldn’t pass up a R&G line. Go fig.