Lifes Litte Ironies (feel free to share yours)

One of my primary projects over the next month or so is to help put on a minority job fair.

The irony: I am a contract employee and do not have permanent employment with the organization for which I am doing the project.

However, I am glad to be working, even if it isn’t permanent employment.

I answered a call this morning for a woman who wants to publicize a peer counseling training program for local high schools.

The irony: She was impatient, rude and angry and tried to end the call abruptly because she was upset at being transferred around in by the organizations operators before she spoke to me.

However, I managed to keep her on the phone and give her the information she sought. (Even having done that she was rude and making exasperated sounds on the phone. I suspect she’s still an unhappy customer in spite of my efforts.)