lifespan and upkeep of mobile vs manufactured vs conventional homes

What are the pros and cons of these various kinds of homes as far as appreciation, depreciation and upkeep?

I thought mobile homes were cheap, but depreciated and developed structural problems quickly.

What about manufactured homes? Do they depreciate or appreciate in value? Are they the same as or less sturdy than conventional homes?

What about homes built with steel instead of wood? Are there really advantages to this for cost and durability?

What about installing solar panels, is this a good investment (over a 20 year period) or are the costs of installation not cost effective yet?

What about modular vs. stick built? Are there advantages and disadvantages of these two?

Modern prefabricated homes are built to essentially the same durability standards as “normal” construction. The federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards are really quite stringent.

I still wouldn’t expect one to outlast a brick or concrete house, for obvious reasons.

IN some circles there is the argument that manufactured homes are actually more sturdy than “stick built” homes because they have to be constructed more ruggedly to withstand the transportation process.