Light-activated automatic light switch?

You know how some rooms are wired so that certain electrical outlets are on the same circuit as the light switch? So you can plug a lamp into them and when you turn on the light switch the lamp goes on.

I don’t have that. But I have a regular light (attached to light switch) and some lamps that I want to control with the same switch, for convenience. I figure there must be an automatic switch of some sort that I can plug the lamp into (like a light-timer, but not) that will sense when the big light is turned on with a photosensitive circuit, and then turn the current to my lamps on.

Anybody know if such a device exists and where I can get it?

You can try Home Depot, they do have these devices but you may have to do some wiring yourself.

I don’t mind doing a little wiring as long as I don’t have to tear any walls out. (Landlord wouldn’t like that.)

X-10 manufactures a large number of home automation and control solutions.

You could also try something like this, which uses photons in a different way.

For more fun, hook the photo switch back to the first light, to turn it off, then hook up another one to turn it on when it gets dark.

Oh god, please don’t give X-10 any money. They need to feel the retribution from those horrible spycam popup ads.