Light bill, power bill, electricity bill...

I came across the term ‘light bill’ in another thread. This got me to wondering: What do you call the bill that you receive from your electrical power company?

I call mine the ‘electricity bill’ or ‘power bill’.

Power, or 'lectricity bill. Or “oh crap, more money”

I say “the electric bill”. My parents called it “the light bill”.

Being from a family of Scousers I call it the ‘lecky bill’

The bill that the Brinks truck just delivered.
Where is my Mr. Fusion home energy source?

‘hydro bill’ is the common term in some parts of Canada, though not Saskatchewan.

I call it the PG&E bill. Cause, you know, that’s who gets way too much of my money each month. And, by the way, that’s one of my personal “you know you’re an adult when” moments. I actually pay money, money that I could be using for fun stuff, to PG&E. For boring old gas & electricity. Le sigh.

I don’t pay one directly right now. The last place I had one was Knoxville, and I called it the KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board) bill.

I think I typically refer to them as the “name of the place” bill - so there was the GA Power bill before that.

If someone mentioned a ‘hydo bill’ to me, I’d think it was the water bill.

'letric bill

Plain old “electric bill”.

I found it a smidgen odd to refer to electricity as ‘hydro’ myself at first. (As in, “We need a campsite with hydro”, etc) But it’s not so odd when the electricity company is called Manitoba Hydro, or Ontario Hydro, etc.

“Utility Bill,” since it encompasses power, water, solid waste, sanitary(?!!) sewer and storm sewer. Not to mention “miscellaneous charges.” About all that’s missing is natural gas, which comes from a private company.

Water’s how we make the electric! The water bill is the water bill.

I find this post exceedingly funny, considering the name of the poster. :stuck_out_tongue:
The again, I am easily amused.

I call it the BGE bill, for Baltimore Gas & Electric. Or maybe just electric bill.

I call it the light bill, except when taking it out of the mailbox when it arrives, when I usually say “Ah good, the KU bill is here.”

DWP bill (= Los Angeles Department of Water & Power Bill). Within the L.A. city limits everyone gets their power and water from this city-owned utility. They kept our prices down during the power crises a few years ago, so I guess this is one example of socialism that actually worked.

I call it by the name of the power company.

The Con Ed bill. Even though Con Ed doesn’t supply my electricity any more, BUG does. Brooklyn Union Gas actually prints the words “do NOT but BUG on your check” on their bills.

The “electric bill”.