Light therapy: does it work?

Okay, I just saw the infomercial and found the site:, but all it gives is the order form.
Supposedly, light is supposed to provide pain relief.

Have any of you tried it? Know anyone who has? How did it do?

No to the first two questions. Sounds bogus to me.

Some people become psychologically distressed if they are not exposed to sufficient sunlight (or artificial light with the same wavelengths). My sister used to get horribly depressed in the darker times of the year. She got some help from lights that were supposed to provide that kind of relief, but she really got better when she moved to a place where it doesn’t rain very often. And a house with a huge sun room where she can spend the day.

I suppose it would be theoretically possible that a person depressed due to lack of sunlight might perceive pain more sharply.

The idea that a light could by itself make my headache go away, or make my arthritis hurt less seems ridiculous to me. However, most aches and pains will go away on there own eventually, so if during that interval you are shining this light on yourself (or whatever you are supposed to do with it) that occurs, you might credit the little magic light.

Or, if you really believe that the light will help you, it’s possible that you’ll relax some, and thus at least perceive the pain as reduced. Or your relaxing might ease the pain in reality. These results could be achieved by anything that you believed would help – a copper bracelet, a magic crystal, prayer, wishing on a white horse, or reciting the alphabet backwards seven times.