Lightest road bike in production?

What is the lightest road bike in production? I recall a friend once telling me that the lightest one weighed 1.4 pounds or some other ridiculously low figure, and cost upwards of four grand. Is this true? What’s the company?

That would be the frame only at that weight.

I’m not sure if this is the lightest, but it’s listed at under 1 kilogram for the frame.

Even then, I don’t think you can get a 1.4-lb frame. The lightest frames listed on Weight Weenies are around 1.87 lb.

And as for the weight of a complete bike, that’s not so easy to define. The owner is expected to replace/upgrade many of the components according to taste, or have the bike configured to order in the first place. So manufacturers are reluctant to list the weight of a “complete bike”. If you use a lot of exotic (but still “off-the-shelf”) super-lightweight components it’s possible to build a 12-pound bike, but you’d be giving up stiffness, practicality and possibly even safety.

And if you are wondering how much Lance Armstrong’s (or Landis’) bike weighs, it’s 6.8 kg (15.0 lb). That’s the minimum weight required by UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), the governing body that organizes these major events. But some manufacturers are lobbying them to lower the minimum weight requirement.