Lighting: Can I put a dimmer switch on my overhead cans?

There’s several places in my house that has the “overhead can” type of lighting - y’know, the funky round lights that inset on the ceiling. I have a vague memory of an electrician telling me it was big bad to put a dimmer on these types of lights. I don’t remember why - anyone have the dope on this?

Although I’m no electrician, I’ve done a few home repair projects. There’s really no reason not to put a dimmer switch on any circuit that contains only lights.

When I installed my ceiling fan, however, the instructions said not to install a dimmer switch in the circuit.

However, I advise you to seek the advice of a licensed electrician.

You have to pay attention to the wattage of the things. If the switch controls more than one light bulb the total wattage(just add the wattage of each bulb) cannot excede the wattage of the switch.The wattage is stamped into the metal on the side of the switch.

the most important thing is the type of lights. if they are regular 110V incandescent lightbulbs, then you can do it.

if they are fluorescent or low voltage halogen (they use a transformer) then you should only do it if you would enjoy the sight of your house on fire.