Lights in garage keep shorting

Hoping someone can give me an idea of why the lights in my garage keep shorting, if that’s the correct word. There is nothing wrong with the light bulbs because when I move the light bulb in the socket, I can get it to work for a while. This seems to happen more in cold weather. In summertime, I don’t have the problem. I have three lights in my garage; two in the opener and one ceiling light. All have the same issues. I’m also having a similar problem with my refrigerator light. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb but even when I try moving it in the socket, I get no results. Thank you for any help you can offer out there. Great site!

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for this to happen to three bulbs all at the same time then this suggest a problem in wiring or switches.

bulbs need to make good contact in the socket. there can be corrosion on either the bulb or socket contacts that needs to be scraped or sanded off. or the bottom socket contact is pushed down too far and needs to be pulled up slightly. to do either you need to know the electricity is off (with the refrigerator or openner it would need to be unplugged); with bulb problems then an electrical tester may be needed without an absolute knowledge that things are switched off or disconnected.

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Are the bulbs in the garage fluorescent? Cold weather can affect the ballast performance of fluorescent lights. Otherwise, johnpost has probably got the best advice. You definitely don’t have a short circuit, which would cause your circuit breaker to trip (or fuse to blow).