Like I needed another reason to watch Iron Chef...

The babes of Iron Chef!! Woo-hoo!

Homina, homina, homina!

Wow! I’ve watched Iron Chef for quite a while and amazingly I never noticed how “delicious” (heh) the ladies were.
After seeing those pictures I can’t understand how. :smiley:

Yeah the Asian actresses are really cute but the host of Iron Chef…he is totally evil right?

Let me ask you this, would you be suprised at all if the secret ingrediant was…CHILDREN???

That guy is totally evil making the chefs battle for his pleasure.

You should change the thread title to HOT CHICK LINKS!!

Ho MAN! Dems is sum a da pertiest things I seen all day!

BTW… theme ingredient children… Yeah… I could see that. Except they would call them “street eurchin”. I’d hate to see the cleaning process though… especially after watching the eel episode…

That first one… Naomi Hosokawa… great googly mooglies… I don’t think i’m gonna be able to get over that one all day…

Now if you’ll pardon me I need to go wash the lint of my tounge as I just picked it up off the floor.