Like Scott Walker? Repeal Obamacare? popups

I’m seeing a lot of popup ads which seemed designed to appeal to conservatives. One of the says, “Like Scott Walker?” Another one shows a hideous picture of Obama and reads, “Repeal Obamacare?”

What would happen if I clicked one on of these ads? I’m not going to try it, I don’t know if they would just direct me to some conservative fund raising website or launch malware on my computer.

I’m a bit annoyed that they manage to get around my popup blockers. is one site I seem to notice them from most often.

They take you to, a conservative rag. No malware.

IMHO, slimer outlets use it more than respectable ones. I wouldn’t expect this from the NYTimes or the BBC.

NYT and BBC respectable? I certainly have no respect for them.

I haven’t seen these as popups (I guess Firefox successfully blocks them), but I see a “Like Scott Walker?” ad in this thread right now.

I thought his version of Jaques Brel’s “Jacky” was pretty good.

You have to visit to see them. They come up when you click on one of their articles. I think they take advantage of the fact that the click is user initiated (popup blockers ignore that), so they do some javascript trick at that point to make the pop-up but also produce the article you want to visit.

What an odious tactic for an odious site. Their current top story is birther bullshit. Their current top story is about conservative intellectuals’ dissatisfaction with Sarah Palin. And I wouldn’t call them odious. Editorially, they lean a little right wing, I think, but they have pretty decent coverage of Congress.

Or are you talking about Newsmax? They are pretty odious.

The real question is “have neither of these sites heard of targeted ads?” It’s obvious this board leans more to the left than the general public; isn’t posting these kind of ads on the Dope just wasted money?

Should you double-click, a page comes up with a charming bearded gentleman, asking: “Do You Sincerely Want To Be Rich For Eternity ?
If you click Yes, then a pop-up shows with a lot of small print, but you can safely ignore all that.

Targeted ads target key-words on a page. If you mention Scott Walker in a thread, the ad is for whoever bought the key-words “scott walker”. They pay no attention (nor are they capable of it) to actual context. I’ve been on a site that slams homeopathy, and what ads show up? Homeopathy snake oil salesmen.

ETA: Now that I’ve posted this, just watch. Some of the ads will be for homeopathy.