Like the pine trees lining the winding road...

I’ve got a name
I’ve got a name…

Finally replaced my done-for Jim Croce cassette with a CD. Oh, is it beautiful. Mr. Rilch likes it too; we’re on the third repetition.

Jim Croce rocks, Rilchiam! Is it the greatest hits CD with Bad, Bad Leroy Brown and You Don’t Mess Around with Jim?

why do guys like him and harry chapin die while limp bizkit and linkin park still make records? :frowning:

You can lump Michael Jackson with the latter group.

Man I love Jim Croce. I’ve got a couple of different albums, even a couple on LP. One LP has a side with just him speaking and telling stories, damn funny stuff.

Any one else have the “Last Tour Live”? Some great stuff on there too.

On a sad note, one of my best friends from High school and college was born on the day he died. :frowning:

I must admit I lust after Jim’s wife every time they do a piece on him.

[Madeline Kahn voice]
Gee, what a lucky guy.
[/Madeline Kahn voice]

I always wondered about that song . . . What ARE the names of the pine trees lining the winding road? Does each one have its own name? Do the whole lot of 'em only have ONE name? Who named 'em? What if they don’t like their names? Could they go to court to change 'em?

But I know what ya mean, Rilchiam, ‘cause once I—Roseanne Rosannadanna—named a big ol’ rosebush outside a’ my house. I was outside waterin’ it, callin’ it by it’s little name and everything, and what do I see but a GREAT BIG SPIDER sitting on the rosebush! Ah thought ah was gonna DAH!

—oops, sorry, sometimes I just channel Gilda Radner . . .

Eve: “What ARE the names of the pine trees lining the winding road?”

Well, there’s **Jack, Red, Slash, Blackie, Whitie, Scot **and dear Lolly.

Morgainelf: Yes, it is! And my personal favorite, “One Less Set of Footsteps”. I like the mood shifts throughout the album; every poignant song is balanced by one that rocks.

gatopescado: Dunno.

Like the fool I am and I’ll always be… I love how that’s all one fluid syllable.

O-puh-ray-tuh… Well couldja help me place this cawl…

Eve: Pinus sylvestris, of course. (Notice that like Jim Croce, “the pine trees lining the winding road” have a name – not names. Obviously, it’s a reference to their collective name! :slight_smile:

I love Jim Croce, especially Time in a bottle, although Operator, These dreams, Lovers cross, I got a name, It doesn’t have to be that way, Salon and saloon, and I’ll have to say I love you in a song are also great.

Oh, Rapid Roy that stock car boy
He too much to believe
You know he always got an extra pack of cigarettes
Rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve
He got a tattoo on his arm that say “Baby”
He got another one that just say “Hey”
And every Sunday afternoon he is a dirt track demon
In his '57 Chevrolet

Man, my parents played the heck outta that 8-track.