Lily Wong is dead, again, not that anyone cares

If anyone else knows this strip, I’d like to talk about it. One of the last best remnants of the old Hong Kong is finally, irrevocably gone, just like the old Hong Kong itself is.

Even if I’m the only one to say so on this board, Lily Wong deserves an affectionate goodbye.

Old Hong Kong may be gone, but the ‘fragrant harbor’ is still alive and kicking.

Lily Wong had her moments…

Well, I never heard of Lily Wong before seeing this thread, but if I’d known of it earlier it definitely would have been part of my regular diet of comics. I love Hong Kong, and the art looks very good in that last strip at the site.

Tell me more about it.

If you know HOng Kong, Lily Wong had her moments. The author, Larry Feign, took unrelenting piss out of the “colonialist bastion” and “filth” (failed in london, try hong kong) that were prevalent ahead of the 1997 handover. Lily, if you ever dated any of the local honkies, was a reasonably accurate stereotype of the breed.

It was a politically incorrect comic strip. But hell, it’s hong kong, so that isn’t saying too much. Anyhoo, it had it’s moments.

Damn and blast. Ah, well. I’ll miss ol’ Lily, but what can you do?

I don’t understand this statement. What is a “honky?” Is it like a “banana?”

I looked at the Barnes and Noble (U.S) website and (UK) looking for Lily Wong books and didn’t find much. And there doesn’t seem to be an “” Where can I find these?

Eh. Tried Lily Wong before, but didn’t really get into it – the art was dicey, and the characters bordered on racist stereotypes too much for my tastes. My only joy was reading the Chinese-to-English translations, and that wasn’t enough to overcome the other dislikes.

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Try here. Also, you can go to the Lily Wong main page for a link to get on an email notification list for the newest books.

Excellent! Thank you, deepbluesea.

Lily was a wonderful comic. One of the first on the Web, too.

She will be missed.

What’s the story? Government crackdown?