Limited Edition Lord of the Rings DVD- worth it?

I saw that the new, limited edition LOTR movies were in Wal-Mart today, and only about $20 each.

So what’s the deal with these movies? I can’t help but wonder if the result of putting both the theatrical release and the extended version on one disc results in some loss of quality. Also, do these have any of the special features of the extended versions? Does this version of The Fellowship of the Ring have Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s parody of the Council of Elrond scene?

I don’t want to buy them and be horribly disappointed. My family has the extended versions, but I am away at college most of the time and would like a copy of my own.

Yes, the parody is in it.

I like 'em for the most part. Some added scenes flesh out the story better. But I feel a few of the added scenes hurt it some (like the Legolas/Gimli drinking contest, and the Eowyn pathetically trying to evade the orc after she dealt with the Nazgul).

Lots of extra features on the making of the movies, which I appreciated a lot.

YMMV, but I think they’re worth it.

But then, I consider myself a JRRT uber-geek. A student, not a fan.

Huh. I already have the pretty, leather-look box set extended versions of each film. What is new in this latest release? Enough to buy yet another copy?

looks like some new documentary stuff tacked on. I don’t think I’ll spring for yet another copy.

Is there one complete collection of the DVD’s in a single Boxed set yet?
Does it have the extended and theatrical versions?
I have resisted buying any of the DVD’s so far and yet bought Narnia the day it was available.


Now that’s just weird and abnormal. :wink:

BTW, it’s DVDs, not DVD’s.

Ack, thanks, I am get better with my misplaced apostrophes but I still slip often.
I loved LotR too much to love the movies. I do not love Narnia and I found the movie really enchanting, especially with my daughter along to see it. She loved it and I loved it.
I will buy the DVDs, but I am still waiting for the single boxed set, preferably in Red Leather of course. :wink:

So, do they exist yet?


Sadly I think its a self fulfilling prophecy. If the fans buy this set, and it turns a profit, they will “find” something else for another copy.

This would be the opposite to the Classic paradox of thrift: Saving gains you more money, but since the businesses dont get the money today, they cant pay fees to keep production, and sprial downward.
Therefore, I would think not buying would cause current Demand to go down. Production would cease, and nothing “new” would be invented to buy, and you may/may not feel satisfied that you have all that there is for the series.
That all being said;

  1. I’m not a LOTR fan.

  2. My Economics is sketchy, but I’m sure a fellow doper will clarify what I attempted here, in linking the “new” footage/features along with Paradox of thrift.

The 4-DVD set of Return of the King came with a coupon you could send in to get a slipcase to house all three of the 4-DVD sets. It’s flimsy cardstock rather than red leather, but it does turn them all into one big box set. Dunno if the offer is still open.

What bothers me is that Ireland already has a 12 DVD box set available. Eventually, we will get it and someone might be smart enough to “bind” it properly.


I saw it as a marketing ploy. Oh, the numbers are down and we only made a gazillion billion dollars, so let’s put out an ALL-NEW, SHINY one!

I have both the theatrical release and the EEs-I have a surfeit of LOTR.

Now, if you tell me that this new one has Aragorn and Eowyn making out–I’ll buy it.


The only thing new is a new making-of documentary, which rumour has it will be released separately one day in an extra long completist state. So I’m not gonna buy this edition, I’ll wait for the doco on its own (should it ever happen).

I’ve already got all the EEs. The only reason I’d by anew is a HD version - 1080p.