Limited recall Craisins Dried Cranberries

I’m surprised the news isn’t getting this story out there. MsNBC ran it yesterday.

Some bags of Craisins Dried Cranberries may have metal fragments in them. Due to a bad piece of equipment at one plant.

I checked a 48 oz bag I bought last week and it wasn’t on the list.

Well, thanks, ace! I might need to know that.

I buy Wal-mart’s Great Value dried cranberries. Does anyone know how to find out where specific GV items come from? I suspect it’s Crainsins, because I cannot tell the difference.

Here’s Ocean Spray full recall notice. Seems like a pretty limited batch that got contaminated.

It doesn’t mention any rebranded packaging for Walmart.

I got a fax (at work) from my local heath department. But they tend to stay on top of this kind of stuff.
Luckily ours come in a 25 pound box so we weren’t affected.

I used a small bag of Craisins in my Thanksgiving dressing. It’s all eaten up by now, though. Oh well, we’ll hope for the best!

I’ll have to check this, on account of some of the bulk/food service packaging being affected.

Ruh roh.

I used Craisins in a salad I brought to Thanksgiving dinner. Haven’t heard of anyone pooping blood or getting sick so I guess I didn’t get the metal-shaving-enhanced batch.

They expanded the recall.