Limits of patents in respect to starting a business

This is not about the restaurant or drinks but about the legal obligations of using someones product to make another one so I don’t want comments of a good or bad idea for food (these aren’t the recipes anyway) but just a question about the legality and where it starts or stops.

I have 2 business ideas right now.

One is involving mixing regular person’s dinner into a restaurant. So for example I would purchase and make Hamburger Helper™ and throw in salsa and a little jalapenos or whatever I want to put in to this recipe. I put these extra ingredients and don’t use the brand name anywhere.

Can I do this.

What if I have this new drink combo that’s like redbull. It requires or uses a brand of soda like say Jack & Coke but with more ingredients? If say it has ingredient 1,2,3,4,5 and redbull but I don’t say it contains redbull but just the ingredients in red bull would I/or I guess would suing me probably work if I created these concoctions based on existing products.

As far as I know you can’t relabel a product but if you put it into a new use and disclose required ingredients and it would be legal and patentable but I may be wrong.

Licensing of the drink I invented tonight rests in the Reddit family hands. Let them in on the drink of the century and risk getting ripped off or can I somehow patent or otherwise protect my drink or restaurant idea.