Lindbergh Baby dropped on its noggin 80 years ago this week

He could still very well be alive; 80 is not very old, poor little tyke. My mother (born into a wealthy Phila. family in 1921) remembered very well the kidnapping terror that went around in the early 1930s–though, knowing her parents, she would have probably been better off with kidnappers.

I put this in Great Debates to ask: was (the incredibly good-looking) Richard Hauptmann guilty? My opinion, yes, but there were many co-conspirators who got off scot-free.

We had a mock trial of this in either 8th or 9th grade, I can’t recall. In my memory the prosecution won a verdict against Hauptmann, but I recall thinking that there was reasonable doubt.

Good-looking? Incredibly so? :eek:

Interesting that some old crimes are still under discussion.

He appears to me to have a little bit of Daniel Craig happening.

I always thought there was a lot of reasonable doubt.

As this thread is in Great Debates, could a few of you who feel strongly, one way or another, or even simply feel that there is reasonable doubt, provide the reasons why you feel the way you do?

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I’m still willing to talk more about my theories, but I don’t want to repeat everything I said in the previous thread.

Basically I’m convinced that Hauptmann is guilty on some level, but that there may well be more too it than the official explanation, and there’s still a lot that hasn’t been explained to my satisfaction.