Lines/Scenes in Movies that are seemingly only there for the trailer

I’ve seen a few people bring this up, but especially recently there are plenty of movies that have either lines or entire scenes that seem there only so they can look cool in the films TV trailers. Superhero movies have this happen a lot, often a scene where all of the heroes strike a pose in the middle of a battle scene for absolutely no reason. Has there ever been a scene in a movie that was so blatant even you realized it at the time? Bonus points if it indeed was in one of the trailers.

The Bond film Never Say Never Again from 1983 serves as a weird spin-off in the Bond franchise, as it brings back Sean Connery as Bond after last being in Diamonds Are Forever 12 years previously. The film was “unofficial” not being connected to the then Roger Moore films, and the plot seemed to bask in the idea of this being a “return to form” to the classic films though acknowledging how much has changed in 12 years. This leads to a really bizarre scene near the beginning where Q seems to break the fourth wall and attempt to hype up the audience for the upcoming classic Connery Bond action.

Good to see you Mr. Bond. Things’ve been awfully dull 'round here. Bureaucrats running the whole place. Everything done by the book. Can’t make a decision unless the computer gives you the go ahead. Now you’re on this. I hope we’re going to have some gratuitous sex and violence!

Yes this line is in the trailer

Mr. Jackson’s iconic line was actually only scripted and filmed after principal shooting had concluded; due to the demands of fans, Mr. Jackson clearly stated his level of frustration with the serpentine infestation aboard that big ol’ jet airliner.

So the line, ready made for a trailer, was only included after fans demanded it be done before the film’s release.

The most iconic manifestation of this idea for me is the scene i the second Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom where he’s faced by two Middle Eastern swordsmen who stylishly brandish their weapons. Indy reaches for his gun, clearly intending to shoot both of them just as he shot the one swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark, only to find that he has no gun.

The scene is clearly referencing the one in the earlier film, and it featured prominently in the trailer for Temple of Doom (at the one minute mark, virtually the last action scene in the trailer):

Here, too, at 2:22 in, again the last action scene

There were several during the final battle in Avengers: End Game.