Link between the internet and obesity

Has there been any research done on whether there’s a correlation between amount of time spent on the internet and weight gain?

Or watching TV, or whitling, or …

or not exercising in general…

Well obviously there are a lot of sedentary (in) activities that don’t exactly promote good health, but I want to know how many fat people got that way from sitting in front of a computer. It has to have increased quite a bit since the advent of the internet.

Not internets related but…

I worked with a org called Shaping Americas Youth. They looked at the what’s and the why’s on childhood obesity. It boiled down to diet and not moving.

I don’t think the internets factored in as a major role but video games do.

I’m not going to link directly to them, but google the name and you’ll find the site with a PDF of what they found out.

Well, if we can link 'net usage, then I guess I should get rid of my Polyhedral Dice and Manga.