Link found between homosexuality and coed attendance sheets

Wow. This is one of the most hilariously ignorant things I have read in a long, long time. This is so stupid that I can’t even muster up the anger for a Pit rant.

From Japan Today:
Tokushima assemblyman Motohiro Takeuchi: Mixed-gender rosters promote homosexuality

Rosters. That is, the sheets of paper on which schools list the names of their students. Traditionally, boys and girls have been listed separately, as was intended by the Goddess Amatersu and the Great Jomon Emperor since time immemorial. Recently, though, some schools have foolishly started listing everyone, boys and girls, together as though they were equals. Don’t they realize what the consequences of this could be?

The Country Will Collapse! Boom! Splash! Right into the ocean! No Gamera to bail our asses out this time, game over, domo arigato Mr. Roboto!

Sigh. If anyone finds a site with more info, please link it, I’d love to hear how this plays out.

Well sure, that makes perfect sense. The answer was so simple, and right in front of us the whole time, how could we have been so blind? If only my name hadn’t appeared on my high school roster between Carey Seabrook and Lisa Shaw.

Well, it’s interesting to note that the U. S. isn’t the only country where loons can attain public office.

Not much consolation though, is it?

Does that mean I can make people gay by typing up the appropriate list? I could make millions selling my new toaster ovens on Ebay! eyes keyboard larcenously

So does this mean the conclusion in Love Letter was wrong – he was really homosexual all along?

Part of the plot depends on the fact that a boy and a girl have the same first and last name, and were in the same class in school.

Someone beat you to it. From now on I’ll just refer to the phone book as the “gaymaker”.

Shit. You haven’t really been paying attention, have you? Loons of all stripes have held public office in pretty much every nation since the invention of public office.

The “gaymaker”! I almost spit my soda pop all over my keyboard over that one! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

That explains why I have been feeling the way I have been lately.
MY name appears in “gaymaker.”

Gee, Tom and I both went to all-boys’ schools - no roster mixing there - and we turned out gay anyway…

I knew it, a Mentos conspiracy.

I knew it, a Mentos conspiracy.

If you’re reading this from Japan, this thread makes us all gay.

And now that Japan, the US, and “pretty much every nation” have been mentioned next to girl names, they’re all gay too. It’s a Gay Plague!!

Let’s see who else I can make gay:

Fred Phelps

Miss Piggy
Kermit de Frog

Hillary Clinton
Pope John Paul II

Muhahahaha, with my mighty gay computer I shall conquer the Earth. Fear me.

Please don’t make me gay, Mr Horseflesh! Please!

Like it’s an accomplishment to make Kermit gay… And Pope John Paul II? It’s like making a bear shit in the woods. :stuck_out_tongue:

I went to an all girls school & I’m ex-directory, but I slipped through somehow ;).

Hmm, I need to speak with the registrars at the University … the place should be swarming with lesbians and yet I fail to get any chickage. Maybe only my name is on the coed lists?

( :smiley: )

No, I’m sorry, Matt. If your roster wasn’t mixed, you’re not allowed to be gay. Please turn in your card on the way out. Oh, and I’ll take that agenda, too. :wink: :cool:

What complete B.S.

I put my name on a coed signup sheet not 2 minutes ago and not a single thing has hap…wow…that guy sure has a nice ass.

I typed the faculty/staff directory at my university for 8 years. To think of all the damage I’ve caused! :eek:

Or does this rule apply only to rosters. :confused: