Link me to interesting Wikipedia pages.

I love reading intriguing, interesting, amusing, weird, scary, or even morbid Wikipedia pages. What are some of the best reads you know of?

Here are some of mine…
First a few lists:

Specific articles:

What are some lists or articles you like and think are interesting or what not? The longer the article, the better.

This probably qualifies:

Here you go.

Wikipedia: Unusual articles

You will find such topics as…

Buildings prized for their uselessness.
A fictional town in New York.
The only state highway in the country that bans motor vehicles.

If a tree falls in a forest
Why did the chicken cross the road?

Toilet Paper Orientation

I’ve spent many hours purusing this page and the associated links:

List of Kim Jong-il’s Titles.

History of Rickrolling.

Mike the Headless Chicken

An outside source: the Onion AV Club has an occasional feature called Wiki Wormhole.

Some entries are more interesting than others, but I like how the features follow the real-life way we read hypertext for fun, clicking on links that take us to random places.

In line with your had_had_had article.
I read this article today (her 137th birthday) and found it to be very interesting. I find it mind boggling that birth control has only been legal in the US for 50 years

Do you know about Wikipedia’s list of lists of lists?

Weird? Morbid? Hot damn! I’m on it.

Let’s see what I’ve got in the ol’ bookmarks stockpile…

S.A. Andrée’s Arctic Balloon Expedition of 1897
The Lead Masks Case
Kaspar Hauser
Little Miss 1565
Category: Unidentified People
Category: Nonexistant People
List of nightclub fires
“The Lost Ship of the Desert”
Ghost ships
Ghost trains
Ghost rockets
The “Lady Be Good”
Notable man-eaters
Cudjoe Lewis
Joe Medicine Crow, the last Crow War Chief (1943)
Gouging (Fighting style)
Project Riese und Die Glocke
Category: Human trophy collecting
Category: Curses
Transient lunar phenomenon
Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy
Henry Darger
Mellified man
List of James Bond firearms
Category: Extinct dog breeds
List of sunken nuclear submarines
List of accidents and disasters by death toll
List of bridge failures
List of unusual deaths
Category: Atmospheric ghost lights
Category: Obsolete occupations

And, of course, Forteana.

That should tide ya over for awhile, I trust? :slight_smile: