Link to your favorite thread---with a twist!!

The twist is it has to be a thread you started. Shameless self-promotion! :smiley:

Anyway, I’m very fond of this one. It got off on a bit of a false start, but after a bit of clarification, took off like a rocket. I am constantly amazed at Dopers’ ingenuity and creativity.

Your turn.

Why are dinosaurs so popular?

7,000 posts.
17 threads started.
Average replies: about four.

:frowning: Doper Marriage

The wedding announcement of **Nocturne **and UnwrittenNocturne. I posted it a few hours after the ceremony while we were all at a friend of their’s house watching a movie and having some beers. Brings back fond memories, even if they’re only three months old.

That should read Another Doper Marriage in the first line.

I have my very own ugly naked guy!
Not only is it the only thread I’ve ever had make Threadspotting, it turned into more fun than I anticipated when I posted it.

Cow Magnets, eh?

I had bought my first “new” car and was looking for ways to improve the mileage.

Interesting tidbit: all but one poster on that thread is a Charter Member. The other one is a Member.

Dune…the Musical:

Another one I liked, that got few hits: Daffy Darko:

This one didn’t go on for pages, but it got some very, very touching responses.


My daughter’s growing up waaay too fast so this one brings back clear memories of just how little and darling she was in her “twos”.

Help me identify this tool, please

It certainly got quite a few responses, and some interesting guesses.

In general, i’m more of a thread participant than a thread starter.

Even if I’m no longer doing it, I look back in fondness at the first Celebrity Deathpool.

Shameless self-promotion?? Hell, I’m all about that…now sign up, damnit! :slight_smile:


Ok, favorite threads I started…well, I still envision a time where “One Letter Difference” Thread Titles are as common as “Sequential Thread Title” Threads.

I had a blast with Username Anagrams.

And my debut thread is still one of my favorites.

Shodan, that was perfectly lovely. You are a wonderful daddy.

It kind of ties in with lieu’s specialty, but Ivygirl called me into the bathroom because she thought she started her period.

So, I had to bend over to inspect the toilet paper, as she standing next to an unflushed toilet full of…welll, something smelly.

I shook my head at her, that no, it wasn’t blood, and got the hell out of there so I could breathe.

I liked this one :, about rules for taking care of a message board thread. It was a lot of fun to write. Didn’t get a whole lot of responses, but I liked the ones I did get.

The funny thing is that I violated two of my own rules that I made in the thread. I had an uninteresting and grammatically incorrect thread title, and I continued to bump the thread.

My favorite is this tribute to my dad The dopers shared such wonderful memories of their dads and it really helped me through a tough time. :slight_smile:
Me second is the recent thread where dopers popped in to offer me support of an upcoming operation. It really made me feel good and whatever they did, it seemed to work!

  • :: points and laughs at Siddhartha Vicious :: *

And I deserved that.

Man, did that make me laugh, Giraffe.

If life gives you lemons…

Probably not my favourite but I was too lazy to search all my threads. (heck I don’t even like it much, I am just posting it because it hit the ground running)
And an honourable mention for the name - “It gently tugs on the w**ker and in a few weeks I add mucho size”

I’ve only started seventeen threads, and they’ve mostly been game-y type deals (as opposed to most of the respondents’ threads, which have been heartfelt or nostalgic or something like that), but it would be a toss-up between the ongoing Movie Game and the pointless-but-amusing Declarations thread.