Linking to Kevin Bacon on LinkedIn

I was told he had a profile and here it is. Anybody here linked to him? I don’t know if any other celebs are on LinkedIn

He’s a 3 for me.

A 3 for me too.

I’ll be damned. He’s a 3 for me, too, along 5 different vectors.

I almost know someone famous! Although this isn’t quite as exciting as finding out my Mom used to work for a government agency for the atom scientists and that, amongst others, she’d met Murray Gell-mann!

Yep, also a 3. But so is Obama, Palin, and Bill Gates.

I think it’s pretty easy to be linked to anyone via 3 people . I was also told he won’t accept any direct links.

Three for me as well. Four of my friends/contacts are twos. I can’t find anyone famous that I’m not at least three from, or anyone (famous) closer than a two. Hosni Mubarak doesn’t seem to have an account.

I’m a 3 to Kevin Bacon, but a 2 to Barack Obama. (And why the fuck hasn’t Firefox figured out how to spell Barack Obama yet?)