Linux: alt+<ascii code> equivalent?

Yo. The “x” key on my keyboard is knackered, and I can’t afford a new one at the minute. In Windows that’s fine - I can use alt+0120 and the equivalents for X and ^X etc. - I’ve gotten quite used to it, worryingly.

But in Linux (Kubuntu 7.10, FWIW) I’m stuffed. Is there any convenient equivalent that anyone’s aware of? At the moment I’m reduced to cutting and pasting from character map apps, which royally sucks.

::dons asbestos underwear::

Surely there can’t be an interface innovation in Windows that hasn’t been nicked by Linux, right? :wink:

(Yeah, I know, I should buy a new keyboard. But this one’s so goldarn comfortable, it just costs 40 quid I don’t have…)

I don’t think there is an equivalent of alt+code under linux, but in your case I would use xmodmap to map the x to another key.

Get something usefull out of the windows/start key: xmodmap -e “keysym Super_L = x”

Ah, thanks, that’ll help hugely. Although I see a certain chicken/egg problem with using the command “xmodmap”… :smiley:

(nah, it’ll be fine, I’ll c/p from the browser…)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Btw. one more thing you can copy/paste so you don’t have to run the command every time you restart X.

echo “keysym Super_L = x” >> ~/.xmodmaprc

edit: googled a bit and that might not actually work in KDE, but you can always run the xmodmap command from .xinitrc or similar. I’m sure you get the idea.

You should be able to use Unicode. The Unicode numbers (Hexadecimal) are on the character map.
I had just nicely learned to use these to get the Swedish characters I use quite frequently but an upgrade killed that. I haven’t investigated since if the function has been restored.
Try the following though:
Applications that use newer GTK+ libraries (which includes all applications written for Gnome) require a “U” before the Unicode digits. Either of the following sequences should work:

From Ubuntu Forums/Archives

I will have to check this out when I get back to my Linux machines. Thanks for motivating me.

Watch this thread for answers too: Ubuntu Forums

Yep, that works too, thanks. Now to combine these solutions and remap my keyboard so I can do ctrl-shift-U without spraining my hand… :smiley:

It goes require somewhat gymnastic dexterity, doesn’t it?
Glad it worked for you.
I still haven’t got a round tuit.