Linux based MP3 PC opinions

I recently acquired an old P100 box with Win95 installed on it. It’s got a small HD, 32MB of RAM and the basics (including a very large and heavy keyboard). I have Cat 6 ran to every bedroom in the house with the idea that eventually every room will have a computer. So I’ve decided to put this crappy old computer in the master bedroom so I can listen to music while I sleep. So I’m thinking to myself, “self, you tried and failed miserably to run Linux once before, but everybody that uses it speaks so highly of it, maybe this is your opportunity to join the cool kids (nerds) and join the Linux fraternity. They say that it’s easier than ever to run it. True, they said the same thing 5 years ago and they lied. Maybe you are smarter now. Maybe not. Lets try it anyway.” So I agreed with myself and started doing research. There are an ass ton of Linux distros out there and they confused me greatly. So I humbled myself and decided to approach the fine people of the SDMB with this query:
I want to run a very small distro of Linux on an old P100 so that I may listen to MP3’s over a network. A Linksys router provides the network to us. I have 2 other PC’s on it. One running win2k and the other running XP. What Linux distro should I use for this purpose. I plan on adding a SB Live! Value to the system, so I would need a distro with the proper drivers (I guess, or do I go find them on my own?).
Or should I stick with 95?

If you want to get nerdy, use Gentoo with Samba installed. Else, go for Mandrake/RedHat