Linux, training certifications

After seven years of Windows system administration I’ve finally finished off my MCSE. I’m now considering my next course of study and I’d appreciate some input.

I know that I need to broaden my Linux knowledge. I have played with Ubuntu a little but have a whole lot to learn. Reading documentation and setting up a test network will help, but I will be better able to focus my efforts if I have a well-defined goal. I don’t want a distro-specific cert, so the RHCE is out. Is the Linux+ or the LPIC-1 more valuable, either in terms of technical breadth or prestige?

I’m also considering CompTIA’s Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) as a lead-in to becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Are these certifications, along with a reasonable amount of technical experience, sufficient to land a part-time training gig? Do vocational schools or community colleges require traditional academic degrees or teaching credentials to lead most tech classes?

I’d go with the LPIC-1. Most of the guys around my office consider the various + certifications as a little bit of a joke. They’re better than no credentials at all, but generally we think of them as minimum-competence tests that (at best) you get as prequisites to more meaningful certs. Besides this, the LPIC-1 offers a nice clear progression to LPIC-2 and (maybe) LPIC-3.

Thank you for the opinion.

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