Lip Balm - Who's addicted?

Come on folks, I know you are.

I have fought it for years, using lip balm only sparingly, lest my lips become unable to keep themselves soft and kissable. The withdrawal is just too much to bear.

So which is it? The waxy stick, or the tub of grease? Fruit-flavoured (I stay away, because I end up nibbling it off my lips - yum!) or camphor? How long has it had you in its greasy grip? Or do you find yourself immune to its lure?


I’m addicted.

My lips are naturally dark red… and it makes me look like I’ve just had a glass of cherry kool-aid ALL THE TIME. I don’t like it.

So… to combat my naturally whore-red lips, I use Labelo lip balm with spf15 and it leaves a thin white cover, which makes my lips a nicer, natural pink.

i admit, i’m a balmaholic. I use a german brand, very bland, no taste at all.
I really cannot live without it, my lips dry out instantly, especially now in this cold weather, and inside with central heating on.
My boyfriend thinks it’s very funny, as I even take it with me to bed! (it’s on the bedside table, in case i wake up at night and my lips feel as if they’ll crack if I even move)

oh, me!! me me me!!

I use plain Vasoline when I am just hanging around the house because it is cheep and works very well. I have to remember to wipe it off beofre I wash my face though, or I break out wherever it smears on my face.

I love the shiny stuff!!! with just a touch of glitter and paleness (as opposed to pink colour)

I too stay away from the fruity stuff in general because I eat my lips.

I quit trying to fight the addiction because my lips just get gross and they start to hurt :frowning:

My wife used to work for a dermatologist and thus had access to all sorts of free lotions and what not. At one point there two or more little tubes of Aquaphor ointment in every room of the house, both cars, all her jackets, a whole boatload in her purse it was a serious problem. :wink: She is home with the kids full-time now, so her access is a bit more limited, but she still has goes back in the house to get her “lip stuff” if there isn’t any with her. Addictions are a sad thing.

I use the vaseline stuff. Definitely addicted, if I go for one day without it, my lips start to peel and it hurts.


I cannot find anything that works for me.

Right now, my addiction is Carmex.

Vaseline hasn’t worked, neither has Blistex. :frowning:

Hello. My name is Washte and I’m a Chapstick-aholic…

At the moment there are 5 in my bedside drawer, 3 in my backpack, 2 in the other room, and 2 in the trolly in the hallway.

Get anxious if I got out and forget some - even if it’s only for a whort walk.

My lips need it.

Horribly addicted.

Mentholatum Natural Ice. NOT the cherry flavor, just regular.

As a matter of fact, I think I’ll apply a little right now to celebrate this post…

Addiction certainly is tragic.

A friend of mine (male) was addicted for nine years; he finally gave it up because he was fed up with us making fun of him constantly applying ‘lipstick.’

But I’m sure his lips were very healthy.

I too am going to put some on now, Softlips ‘Cappuccino’ flavour (quite nice, subtle fragrance, no flavour) to celebrate the thread.

I’m very, very, very addicted. My favorite at the moment is Mocha Mousse of the Lip Lites line by Bonne Bell (flavor and a good color for me- very appreciated by my SO ;)), but I also have clear gloss, glitter gloss, pink gloss, red gloss…HELP!

I’ve been addicted to ChapStick since I was in kindergarten. I used to lick my lips so much that I had a big red ring around my lips, so I became addicted to combat that. At the moment, the flavor I use is Vanilla Mint. I only use chapstick, unless for some reason it is not available. I got my hubby addicted, too, but he uses regular mint (which is what I used before they came out with vanilla mint). I only have one tube open at a time, but it goes with me everywhere: pants pocket (or purse/jacket pocket, if I’m wearing a skirt w/ no pockets), bedside table, etc.

I don’t think there’s an end in sight. :slight_smile:

Carmex for-cold-sores for me. The little jars are up to $1.29 now. When I first got addicted, it was 89 cents.

I have one of my high school boyfriends to blame for my addiction. The first time he kissed me, he had Carmex on his lips and it made mine all tingly. I got some of my own to remind me of him. If only addictions could be broken as easily as high school relationships …

I can’t stand Chap Stick myself, I find it far too waxy.

I don’t like petroleum-based lipbalms in general, they can cause your lips to dry out and then you put on more lipbalm, the problem gets worse, you apply more balm, etc… I still have some tinted petroleum-based balms, but I use those more as lipsticks instead of lipbalms.

Instead I go for the balms made out of beeswax, oils, etc. These don’t dry out your lips and actually condition them. (I posted an article on here a couple months ago on this subject when the last lip balm thread appeared; I can find it if people wish). My absolute favourite is Burt’s Bees lip balm. I have two tubes at any given time. Tastes like mint gum and leaves my lips so soft!

I’m a Burt’s Bees girl myself. Chapstick dries my lips out almost immediately and gives me little tiny bumps around my lips if I keep using it. Burt’s Bees keeps my lips in good condition through the night. And minty! Mmmm! If I put it on with my cats near, one of them will crawl up my front and try to lick it off my lips. I have one tube for my pocket, one floating in the backpack, one that the cats lose and find occasionally, and two for the SO. He thought I was just being silly about the stuff until he bought a multi-pack of Chapstick. D’oh! He snitched one of my preciousssss tubes not long after.

Love it!

Hey, me too! Did people chastise your parents for letting a 4 year old ( 5 yr. old, 6 yr. old etc.) wear lipstick?
But I like it. My monkey is cherry chapstik. Gilding the lily perhaps.

Finally, a group for lip-balm addicts!

I have at any given time, one for each of 3 jackets, one that goes with me in my pocket, 2 in my purse, one tube of Overnight lip treatment in my bedside table, and at least 2 other spares.

Have to say the Overnight lip treatment is the best, as long as I am not going to be drinking, smooching, or going out. It is too heavy for everything except sleeping. It is still there on my lips when I wake up, for the most part.

As for favorite kinds, I would have to say any thing mentholatum. Cherry Ice, Natural Ice, softlips. With the exception of cherry mentholatum, I avoid the fruity stuff.

Has anyone tried ClearAdvance? I got one right when it came out, before the ads were saying “it’s for men.” It’s nice that is has no shine, but it’s way too fruity. Kind of strawberry-raspberry chapstick-y. I can even smell it when I have it on. ugh.

MMmmm… Lip goo… yum. I have been addicted to the slippery stuff since elementary school. Like most little girls, I loved the “Lipsmackers” made by Bonne Bell. As I grew older, I discovered the joys of finer lipgoos. Burt’s Bees, Badger Balm… All your more “upscale” lipgoos. I even have a minty, caffeinated lipgoo that I bought at a local coffee shop. I also love strawberry Chapstik. But it MUST be strawberry. The whole reason I love that flavor is that it tastes just like the Strawberry Shortcake cereal that I loved as a little kid. I carry lipgoo everywhere. I have it all over the house. I do not mind the addiction. But if you do, you can always go here. :smiley:

Most definitely. I realized my addiction for sure when I was watching one of the earlier editions of “Survivor”. (Either the Outback one or the Africa one). Each contestant was allowed to take one personal item with them. One person chose a tube of Chapstick. I thought to myself, "That is EXACTLY the personal item I would have to take if I were on this show. Case closed.:smiley:

Still addicted.

I will, and frequently do, slather tubs of Vaseline on my lips if that’s what it takes. I can’t withstand going more than an hour or two without my precious, sweet lip balm.