Liquidising goldfish is 'not a crime'

It does kind of make you a dick however.


Yeah, I agree with you.

Example that proves the point: my brother once did something similar with a small snake we found in the basement when I was about 11. Garbage disposal, not blender, but he’s still a dick.

At first I thought, “Wow, the goldfish blender guy still hasn’t got a new gig?”

…then I realized that it’s just a five year old article.

How does it compare to the bass?

Better color, less body.

You forgot “less filling”. :wink:

Apparently, goldfish will blend.

Come on, you know you all thought of it…

What gets me is that they fined, or rather tried to fine, the director of the museum and not the person who hit the button.

Well, it could be argued that the guy (and it surely was a guy) who hit the button thought it might have been a joke and that “had he known” it was really going to kill the fish, he wouldn’t have pressed it…

That’s the Super Bass-o-Matic '76..

You knew someone had to provide the link for the youngsters.