Liquor Laws in Connecticut

Briefly: I would like to help out a family member who is living in Connecticut, I’m thinking Wal Mart gift cards, or Target.

Unfo it appears that they can be used to buy booze (this option is not conducive with what I’m trying to achieve)

Any CT dopers here know if you can, indeed, buy alcohol with a Wal Mart gift card [specifically in CT]?

Alternatively, are there any Wal Mart-type-places that don’t sell booze? I’m fairly certain that grocery stores there are also licensed to sell, so that’s out.


CT doper here.
I have been googling every store I can think of in CT and it appears all of them are licensed to sell alcohol. All grocery stores, even CVS and Kohl’s are licensed. Yikes! I am still thinking.

I got it! How about Dunkin Donut or Subway. I know it isn’t groceries however I do not know of any place in CT where you can get a groceries gift card that does not have a liquor license
The above link shows a list of all Walmarts in CT and their permit status; so it appears that even though they can have a liquor license, they do not.

If you are trying to provide food for someone without sending money that can be spent on booze, have you considered Angel Food Ministries? They provide boxes of groceries for a very low price, and the food is very high-quality.

Here is the link to their website:

Disclaimer: I do not have any connection to Angel Food Ministries. Some members of my family have used their program in the past, and were very pleased with the program and the food provided.

Thank you both for your help, I just called wal mart in CT (should have done that to begin with) and you are right, CT_Damsel, they don’t sell booze.

So that will work. perfecto, thanks!