List of currencies pegged to other currencies?

I’m trying to find a list of currencies pegged to other currencies (fixed exchange rate), but shockingly, can’t find a concise list online anywhere. Wikipedia has a page, but there’s no list, and the citation for the graphic is not given. Any help?

A few minutes’ Googling turned up these:

The last cite says that the Australian dollar is used in several small Pacific island countries – but these don’t have their own currency, so I don’t think anything is pegged to the AUD.

How about this:
Category:Fixed exchange rate

If you’re after a definitive list of pegged currencies, you would need to exclude the Jersey, Guernsey, and Manx pounds from the Wikipedia category; I have no idea whether any other changes would be necessary.

The Tuvaluan and Kiribati dollars may be; Wikipedia claims they’re not “independent” currencies, though.

Apparently (per Wikipedia, again!) the Tongan paʻanga is tied to a basket of currencies that includes the Australian dollar. I guess that counts as a sort of indirect pegging!

That sounds like some kind of telepresence pornography.

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Thanks, everyone!