List of Food "EVIL" People Liked

I guess it’d depend on who you consider evil, but anyway

Does anyone know what kind of foods, evil people like Hitler or Stalin or Mussolini, or Pol Pot liked?

I know Idi Amin and Bokassa like to eat people :slight_smile:

But it’d be cool to find a list of food evil people liked. Then you could have a party with like Hitler Peanut Butter Sanwhiches. And Stalin Cracked Crab and Mussolini Tossed Salad etc etc etc

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Hitler’s commonly considered a vegetarian. Not sure of the veracity of that claim, though.

Hitler was found of pastries with lots of whipped cream. Oddly I cannot think of any food Stalin, Franco or Mao expressed any enthusiasm in at all. Other priorities I suppose.

Well, there’s Jeffrey Dahmer . . . .

He liked a dish called Sum Yung Guy.

And he couldn’t bring himself to throw away the leftovers.

Not true. He sometimes went on diets when he ate only vegetables, but he was a meat eater most of the time.

Hitler had a weight problem?

I seem to recall reading that Hitler was allergic to meat, although he didn’t want to admit it. Eating too much gave him gas, so his doctor prescribed an all vegetable diet for him.

I also remember reading that the other Nazi leaders used to razz him about it. Hitler identified with wolves, even naming his HQ the “Wolf’s Lair,” and the other Nazis teased him about the fact that he couldn’t eat meat. Poor guy, being made fun of just on account of an allergy. Nazis were jerks.

Here’s the menu for a Unitarian Club Dinner back in 1899.

What? Everyone knows that Unitarians are evil.

Oysters, Shad, Vol au Vent, Lamb, and Mallard duck for the evildoers.

What I heard was that he suffered from flatulence during his vegetarian bouts.

I may well have it backwards then. Hitler Farts is not a topic on which I am willing to claim any authority.
Dracula reportedly dipped bread in the blood of his slain enemies. I think he just did that for effect though.

I can’t vouch for the source, but:

I’ve read that Stalin had very simple tastes - he essentially like the peasant food he grew up on. But one trick he had was encouraging the people around him to drink a lot of vodka while he stayed sober.

This line made me laugh until my sides hurt for some reason…

I can’t believe I’m typing this but… BAND NAME!

Hitler Fahrts.

I glaub’ net dass ich so was schreiben, aber… Travel Agency Name.

I heard that Saddam Hussein fell in love with Doritos while he was in custody. I almost envy him, being able to remember his first Dorito.