List of State smoking bans in the United States with map - Kind of interesting

List of smoking bans in the United States

Amsuingly North Carolina has a ban on smoking bans.

I wish it was banned in Michigan. :frowning: I get tired of smelling like an ashtray whenever I go out to eat. It’s one of the things that makes me look forward to moving to California.

We had our statewide ban happen earlier this year. It is great to be able to go out to any bar, club or restaurant in MD without ending up smelling like an ashtray at the end of the evening.

The Iowa ban goes into effect on July 1. I’m a smoker, but I rarely go out to eat or drink, and I have no problem not smoking for a few hours.

What’s interesting about the Iowa ban is that the only two exemptions are casinos and the Veterans Home in Marshalltown. I guess gamblers and old soldiers have some influence.

If it’s your place, you don’t want smoking? Fair. It’s YOUR place. Elsewhere FUCK OFF.
Does it not occur to you ever-so-healthy-and-pure-shitheads-puritans that there may be more to these laws than the well-being of people shoved outside to feed their monkey? Think control. The Prohibitionists and Drug Warriors claim to be doing good too.

To paraphrase Sam Kinnison: Give us back our heroin, we’ll give you back your tobacco.

It’s been banned in restaurants in Madison for at least as long as I’ve lived here. I remember visiting my parents after they moved to Iowa and being shocked at seeing (and smelling) someone smoking when we went out to dinner. Now it’s banned in bars, for which I am quite thankful, but oh the bitching from bar owners about it when it went through, all terrified that they were going to go out of business (IIRC something like two did). There was talk of a statewide ban in the last legislative session but it didn’t make it through because of the bar owners demanding an extended phase-in time.

I for one welcome our tobacco-snatching overlords.

As a fair reply, take your cigarette butts and shove them up your ass. I consider the air that I breathe to be my place and I don’t want anybody poluting it so they can slowly kill themselves. That includes anyplace open to the general public. My state has the strictest anti-smoking laws in the US and I don’t think they are strict enough. Personally I won’t be happy till the use of any and all tobacco products are outlawed.

This is NOT appropriate in MPSIMS or anywhere outside the Pit. Stop it now.

When did you become a moderator, Marley?

While Alaska doesn’t have a statewide ban (fat chance!), at least Anchorage has a city-wide ban. It’s wonderful.

Wow. Sounds like *somebody * needs their cigarette. :rolleyes:

I like you. I like the cut of your jib.

About a month ago. Kneel before Zod! :stuck_out_tongue:

A semi-hijacking question: What’s wrong with allowing “smoking” licenses to certain businesses, like liquor licenses? They’d have to advertise it outside and all that jazz.

There’d be a tax and some overhead they’d have to go through, so it would discourage the average family restaurant from allowing smoking, but businesses that want to cater to smokers could. That way us non-smokers could happily avoid smoking places, but smokers would still have plenty of places they could go to. Without the license, smoking would be prohibited. Then maybe with all this good will floating around, smokers might be a little bit less touchy when visiting non-smoking places, too.

North Carolina may have a state law against smoking restrictions by local government, but there are apparently a lot of voluntary non-smoking areas. Just about all the restaurants I go to are non-smoking, much of the UNC campus is non-smoking as of last year (even outside the buildings).

I do like beanpod’s idea, though. I have no problem with people who want to smoke, as long as I have the option of not inhaling the by-products of their habit.

In contrast, Washington State’s ban is the strictest in the country and even goes as far as banning smoking in cigar bars. That’s a bit strange; what do people do in cigar bars in WA, then? :dubious:

Personally, I don’t think it’s necessary to be able to smoke in restaurants, shops that aren’t purveyors of tobacco and offices. Though smoking is a very addictive habit, it can and should be something that isn’t forced on everyone else who doesn’t smoke, and allowing people to smoke in all public places forces a lot of us to have to deal with smokers who force the ill effects of their habits on us when we don’t smoke.

Drool, longingly and cry in their scotch? Seriously, are there any actual cigar bars (not tobacco shops, but actual bars) left in WA? It seems kind of pointless and cruel.

I’ve grown used to the smoking ban. I don’t go out much anyway and when I do and want to smoke, I step outside. But I just don’t get removal of butt cans and built into trashcans ashtrays *outside *the buildings. Now, I have no place to get rid of my butt, except throw it in the trash can. (I do try to roll out the spent tobacco though, but not everyone does.) And I have noticed a lot more cigarette butt litter outside establishments since the ban took effect. Just give us some butt cans back, please?

The one I knew of closed.

In my last workplace, there was a sad, little, open sided tent all the way across the parking lot so that the smokers could have something to stand under when they needed a nicotine hit in the Seattle mist & rain. If having to trudge out there and get rained on (not to mention the price of cigarettes) wasn’t a deterrent…well, it was easy to see how hard it must be to quit smoking.

I just can’t imagine being able to smoke inside an office building. That’s just insane. And apparently, good percentage of the country can.

We have the most restrictive smoking ban yet. Before it went into effect there was a lot of woe is me by bar owners. Since it was inacted there has been little or no change in the number of people in bars and restuarants. Compliance has been very good. There’s one seedy bar we go to for breakfast that still allows smoking, under the table… literally. :rolleyes:

Because that’s a rational idea, but the people who push smoking bans sound like this:

There’s a smoking room where I work, and it’s a state building! The one thing I actually don’t agree with, though, is that the vending machines are in the smoking room, so if you want a snack you’ve got to smell my cigarette smoke.

You know, looking at the linked map, Pennsylvania is starting to look a little lonely up there…