List of video games with Downloadable Content

Is there a list somewhere that has all the video games/ computer games that have downloadable content?

If so, it’s a very large list. Are you trying to win a bet or something?

Don’t count on the list to be out there. I bet some patches add content to a game which would mess things up. How about expansion packs that weren’t labeled download-able content. Like Brainiac4 said, a why might provide some more insight for some motivation.

Mostly I want to know which video games that I own have legitimate DLC. Maybe I shouldn’t have included computer games because usually they’ll come out with a game of the year edition that includes all expansion packs.

Hmmm, I think you can create a list by genre and filter out all non DLC packs on Steam. Still wouldn’t be a complete list though.

Do you own an XBox, or PS3? If so, go to their game store, and click Browse. I think XBox even specifically lets you filter for Game Add-Ons.