List your current J-Pop favorites

Konnichiwa Doper-san,

That’s J for Japanese of course :wink: Everyone that likes J-pop please post your current favorites. Doesn’t matter if you understand the words or not, all are welcome here. If you’ve never listend to J-pop before, here’s a great place to try it out :slight_smile:

I am listening often to a few right now that vary widely on the Kawaii (cute) spectrum.

I’ll start with My Pace. Great song for a great anime.

Next up are six songs from ALI PROJECT and kukui. These ones have a really great rhythm and mood.

This one is not good if you have a sweet tooth. Suiseiseki. Not sure what the actual name of this song is sadly.

Upping the cuteness another notch, this one is also a Bleach fan favorite: A tribute to Squad 11

And for a smooth finish, here is a Morning Musume classic: Nogashita sakana ha oishii jan. Check out the dancers around 2:11. Yowza!

Well, I think that’s a good start,
yoroshiku onegai shimaaaasu :slight_smile: (pleasure to be dealing with you)

It’s “Poodle” by Y & Co.

Lyrics here.

I’ve had Tommy Heavenly6 on heavy rotation lately, particularly Lollipop Candy BAD Girl. It’s from her latest album, which just recently came out, but the single’s been out since October.

Also The Brilliant Green (the previous band of Tomoko Kawase, AKA, Tommy Heavenly6 (and Tommy February6)), particularly Love Baby (from the Bye Bye Mr Mug single), and I NEVER DREAMED (from Goodbye and Good Luck).

HALCALI’s LOOK, Yifei’s Mayonaka no Door, Wiz-us’s Toori Ame, and Hoi Festa’s Jig the Upper! also chart high. (If you can guess the connection between all of these tracks, you win a cookie. >_>)

And, finally, on the ‘shut up, I like them’ front, two tracks by ˚C-ute - Masara Blue Jeans and Ookina Ai de Motenashite.

If by current, you mean “released recently”, then I have nothing. If, however, you mean “listening to often lately”, then I suppose I’d have to share Ogura Kei with you:
Shikuramen no kaori
Saraba seishun

Yeah, I’m old at heart, I’m proud of it, too.

I watched the last one because you mentioned the dancers, and I must say although the music was horrendous, those girls are indeed smoking hot. Excuse me while I examine the video… again.
(I’m not wearing any pants)

Recently I’ve been listening to AAA, Suzuki Ami, ORANGE RANGE, melody., and Hamasaki Ayumi.

Since everyone else is including links…

Lollipop Candy :heart:BAD​:heart: Girl (Short version) (The long version is 10:31 long.)

No PVs or live performances on YouTube for either Brilliant Green song I listed, but here’s another favourite Buriguri song of mine - Rainy Days Never Stays. (For someone who uses English in her songs as much as she does, Tomoko’s grammar is pretty funky.)

Jig the Upper!
Mayonaka no door
Can’t find a good copy of Toori Ame.

Ookina Ai de Motenashite

Yoko Kano & The Seatbelts are cool/fun.