Listerine over flossing

Alright, I have to admit, I do not floss. However, I brush two or three times a day and I use listerine every time I brush. My gums don’t swell and my breath doesn’t smell bad, but my father keeps nagging me about how not flossing is horrible for your teeth.

I’ve actually heard people say that dentists are starting to recomend listerine as well. Therefore, my question is whether or not I am hurting my teeth or if listerine is doing what it says it does.

Also, it would be great if someone could help me get my hands on some written proof so as to shut my father up. Thanks guys.

Well, I don’t have it in writing, but my dentist says Listerine is great, but you have to floss as well. Having spent over $1500 on my teeth (no insurance, either :eek: ) lately, I do what the man says. Hell, I even dip my floss IN Listerene! After brushing and flossing, I swish the ole mouthwash around. My gums did not swell or bleed and I ended up having to have a root planing. Not terribly painful, but unpleasant nonetheless (and expensive!).

FLOSS!!! I COMMAND YOU!! :smiley:

Listerine is a joke. Brushing removes plaque and debris from the surface of the teeth; flossing removes it from between teeth. Rinsing these freshly exposed surfaces with alcohol is an improvement over rinsing with water, but NOTHING takes the place of flossing.

I was told by my dentist that mouthwash with alcohol can be bad for gums and dental work. I floss and use TheraBreath. Mouthwash will not remove food particles that are sometimes in pockets. Floss.

What abouy baking soda?

Flossing is the physical scraping clean of the surfaces between the teeth. Absolutely nothing can take its place. In many ways, flossing is more important than brushing.

Listerine[sup]®[/sup] is an antiseptic, i.e. it kills germs (mainly with alcohol). This is good thing to do after flossing but it in no way replaces it.