Lithium Ion battery recharge point

For a lithium ion cell phone battery that has already been recharged literally hundreds of times, does it significantly affect battery performance to recharge now at about one-third battery strength every time (as opposed to completely draining the battery every time.)

As I understand it, three sessions of one-third charging can be considered more or less equivalent to one full charge cycle. The two things that Lithium batteries really hate are:
[li]Running utterly flat (the device in which you’re using the battery will almost certainly prevent this)[/li][li]Excessive heat at any time, but especially whilst charging or discharging[/li][/ul]

I know that some people claim they get “locked in” on partial charges and you should run them down and recharge them every now and then, but I have never seen that be true. I’m still using a Samsung flip phone I’ve had for 38 months now and I’m not sure if I have ever allowed it to run down below about 1/3 charge. Even those times are very rare as every other time I’m plugging it in somewhere between 50% and 75% charge.

Still working like a champ.

It used to be true (well, sorta) of previous battery technologies, but not Lithium.

As already mentioned you should never run down completely.

It does not matter when you top it off or for how long or even if it reaches full charge. You can just charge it for 10 min, unplug.

They do love to be used so run your device on the battery as much as possible.

I wish this battery memory thing would just bloody die already. It is never good for any battery to run it down completely, whether it is lead-acid, lithium, or even Ni-cad. Run a battery down and you are reducing its lifespan. You can kill a brand new lithium battery by draining it completely.

Ni-cad batteries if continually recharged at a partial point will develop a ‘memory’ and will initially loose voltage at that point as if they are out of charge. Resting the battery for a time will allow it to recover and deliver power again. Slowly discharging Ni-cad batteries every couple of months during regular usage will prevent this. Completely draining the battery every usage will shorten its life significantly.

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