Litmus Tests & Runs for the Presidency

I read this in today’s Houston Chronicle:

From the rest of the article, I gathered that this constitutes a fairly liberal stance for Bush (alot of his fellow Republicans seemed pretty mad at him.) But, I don’t really understand what this means.
What is a litmus test? I thought litmus was used to decide if something is an acid or a base?

Also, since this is the first election that I am eligible to vote in, I am trying to follow who is running and what they stand for. So far my biggest news source is our city’s one major newspaper. Can anybody recommend perhaps some websites or any other place I could find more information?

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I think the litmus test is metaphorical. Like, he isn’t going to find out how conservative or liberal they are by asking their stance on abortion. Or something like that, maybe :slight_smile:

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You know what? That sounds pretty logical. Almost feel kinda dumb that I don’t think of it. :wink: Thanks!

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

A limus test, in the metaphorical sense, is one in which there can only be two outcomes, one that can be approved of and one that will be disapproved of.

In the case of Supreme Court nominees, a Senator might base his approval, solely on wheather the candidate is pro-life or pro-choice. For that Senator, that is his litmus test. Another good euphemism for this is “deal breaker”.

Basically, Bush is trying to swim the fine line between the two camps by stating that he will not base any of his Presidential decisions on the issue of abortion.

I think Gr8kat said it better. I made it sound more complicated than it really is.

Oh great, “read my lips”, “litmus test”.We have another political waffler.

Sunbear, I agree. But only until they’re elected!

There’s a pretty good local paper in my neck of the woods. You might want to try:

The Washington Post

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