Little annoying Firefox (Mac) problem

I’m on a PowerPC G5 (OSX.4.10), and recently made the switch from Safari to Firefox (, and for the most part it’s been a positive transition . . . except for one annoying detail.

I usually have several windows open at the same time, most of them being in the dock. And when I want to open a new window, I use command-N. This works if I already have a window fully open; but if all my windows are in the dock, command-N has no effect. I have to undock something, then open the new window. This is annoying. What can I do?

I can’t replicate the problem. Whenever Mozilla or Firefox is the current application, command-N opens a new browser window, even if all windows or minimized, or even if Firefox has no windows at all open.

I can’t replicate it either, but I do have a similar problem: When windows are minimized/docked, I can’t expand them again simply by clicking on their name in the “Windows” menu–I have to go down to the dock and click on their thumbnail there.

I used to have the exact same problem.

I didnt realize what you meant until I tried to replicate what you were talking about and I went “Oh! That happens to me all the time” then i hit AppleKey+N and boom, a new window. So it fixed itself i guess. . .

You’re lucky you’re on the PPC. At least you can still read PDF’s in your browser window.