Little bloody footprints all over my house

So, I took the cat in for a dental exam and when they went to clean his teeth they found a sore on his paw. They cleaned it out and gave him antibiotics and told me to watch it. It doesn’t seem like it is bothering him but when I took him back for a recheck 10 days later, the vet said that it was still bleeding and he thought he opened up the scab again. This may be because he was pawing at his carrier because he really hates the vet (he even has a bad kitty sticker on his chart that says “caution, patient bites” which makes him the Elaine Benis of the cat world). Anyway, the vet said it should stop bleeding again but I noticed him scratching at his sisal post and after that he jumped up on the island and was bleeding again. I cleaned his foot with a damp cloth and tried to hold pressure but he kept bleeding so I left it alone and it seemed to stop. When I changed my sheets I found lots of little blood spots on the ones that I was using the week before his dentist visit so he was probably bleeding then.

The vet says it’s not worth it to try to wrap the paw and just to watch since he got a shot of long-acting antibiotic and the vet got a really good look at it when he was anesthetized for his dental and didn’t see any tumors. I just hate to have him walking around with a wounded paw (and I’m not too thrilled about the blood all over the house either). I’m thinking of changing the litter to yesterday’s news to be easier on his paw.

Also, I know the rules but don’t have pictures uploaded. You will have to be satisfied with video of the little hooligan.

Gotta say, just the title and username…

Clever kitty.

Well, if it doesn’t heal, you could wrap it in vet wrap/grip wrap around some gauze. He’ll hate it, but since he can’t let it heal, maybe that’s what it’ll take.

Another alternative is Wound Glue. Glue the edges together with something that is essentially super glue. This is what they use with cats.

Your vet didn’t have any suggestions for how to deal with it, even though it hadn’t closed after 10 days?

I love bunnies. Don’t care where they,be been.

Vet said it probably opened up again when he attacked the carrier and call if not better in 1-2 days to change antibiotics.