Little (IQ) help!

I recently took one of those online IQ tests. (My numerologically interpretted score was 5.) There was one question that I still can’t figure out. I have prepared my ego for humiliation, so break out your scorn dripping roll eyes and help fight a little ignorance.

The question:
Johnny likes 400 but he doesn’t like 300. He likes 100 but not 99. He likes 3600 but not 3700.
Which number will Johnny like?
[list=a][li]900[]1000[]11001200 [/list][/li]
I think I know the answer (I couldn’t wade through the ad bog to get to the guide) but, oddly enough, I don’t know why.


400 = 20 * 20
100 = 10 * 10
3600 = 60 * 60

and of course 900 = 30*30


saw the 400 and 100 and said “he likes squares.”

I’ve always been surprised that I can even pass those tests.
I score well on the verbal, but of the math always throws me. I don’t seem to recognize numerical relationships unless they’re spelled out. (NPI)

What the heck does that mean? Somebody is applying numerology to Intelligence Quotients now?

Why not? One’s about as useful as the other, so why not combine the two? :slight_smile:

They’re hip.

Perhaps Johnny likes a number X if and only if X mod 13 > 8, in which case b is the correct answer.

Perhaps Johnny likes a number X if and only if X is on a certain list. :rolleyes: