little-known poster has baby

Congratulations! He is a real cutey.

With all the sad news, the birth of a wonderful baby is a great thing. Congrats!

Oh, that wrinkled forehead worried baby look! So sweet.

Aww, what a cutie! His cousins are pretty cute, too.

Hee hee - he’s a cute little blighter, isn’t he?

Congratulations! He’s adorable, and I love that picture of him with his daddy–so cute.

Man, these threads make me want to have another–and then I think about the 2 boys I already have and then I think again. :slight_smile:


Ok, that is possibly the cutest one month old baby I’ve ever seen. He looks like a model for BabyGap.

Anyhow, cuteness aside, congratulations! All the best to your family (I recognize your name too.)

Oh, goodness he’s perfect! Congratulations! The faces they make are the best, aren’t they?

I recognise your username, too. :slight_smile:

Much joy to you & your spawn, tesseract.

I recognize your name, & I hope the baby is as healthy in all 4 dimensions. :wink: :smiley:

Many, many congratulations to you all!:smiley:

Congratulations,** tesseract**, and all the best to you and your family. Those are great pictures!