Little Lagomorph milestone! (Proud parent story)

Our Little Lagomorph, who just turned 3 a couple of weeks back, did something that caught everyone by surprise last weekend:
He spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa’s without Mommy or Daddy!

You see, he has had pretty serious separation issues. My wife stays home with him, so he is not in day care, and has pretty much never been away from her or me for more than a few hours at a time. Last Friday, though, my in laws came to visit, and LL thought he was going to Grandma’s house (they live about an hour and a half away). He was so upset when he realized they were just visiting that my wife asked him “Do you want to go to Grandma’s now?”

He would have run outside to their car immediately, but they made him put on his shoes and coat! He waited impatiently by their car until my wife got clothes, books, toys, snacks, etc. They put him in his car seat and off he went! He fell asleep on the way there, was a little weepy at bedtime and woke up once during the night but otherwise had a blast!

Grandma was ecstatic. Mom and Dad got a much needed night to themselves, and the little guy had a fun and confidence-building adventure. It doesn’t hurt that he worships the ground on which Grandma and Grandpa walk, and that they spoil him rotten.

I don’t think I stayed overnight away from home until I was 6 or so, and then I had a brother and sister and cousins with me.

I was really impressed that LL did this so smoothly. Another milestone passed. Now if we coould only get the potty thing squared away, and get him to wear his hearing aids!


(seriously, at first, I really thought you were talking about your pet bunny…)

Good job! :wink:

That’s wonderful! You’re so lucky to have parents close enough to take the kids for a night.

That’s terrific, LL!!

Lessee, a baby lagomorph is a “leveret,” so you might coin a name for him based on it – “Giggling Leveret”?? :slight_smile:

Siesmi, I bet our two pet rabbits would love a trip to Grandma’s too. Unfortunately for them she isn’t quite as fond of them as she if of the little guy.

Liefsmama, don’t I know it. I am also profoundly glad the grandparents are in such good health. I only ever really knew my maternal grandmother, my other grandparents either died before I was born or were ill and died when I was very young. This situation is so good for everyone involved my wife and I are trying to figure out a way to move closer. Unfortunately there are zero jobs in my line of work in their area, but layoffs are looming at my company and we have no other attachments to where we live now. If I lose my job we will almost certainly move closer to them.

Polycarp! It’s like a celebrity dropped in on my thread! I’ll keep the nickname in mind, but I dunno. That would really confuse the heck out of people.

Congrats, our oldest also had serious separation anxiety. It’s a wonder we we’re able to conceive a second one.

My 8-year-old stays overnight with abandon (now!); my 5-year-old has gone exactly once. I think it’s ME that has the separation anxiety! :slight_smile: But good news Lagomorph!