Little life and/or sanity saving tips

I had this one job where we would brew a pot of coffee at around 3PM each afternoon. A big pot of some sort of “bold” blend -twelve cups at least, in a drip coffeemaker.

If I was in the office, I always jumped at the chance to make the coffee. Because I would not only make it strong, I would wait until the first cup had dripped into the pot and pour it off for me. Then I’d add lots of milk. Best coffee I ever had.

It’s not as bad as it looks.

I have a document on my computer desktop called “WHERE THINGS ARE”

The old school version of the computer list – I read a suggestion years ago of a way to keep track of odd things, rarely used things, etc. Get an address book and list things alphabetically. For example, under “E,” put “extension cords - bottom desk drawer.”

I keep all of my instruction books, warranties, etc. in a plastic file box in folders sorted into Small Appliances, Large Appliances, Non-Electric, Electronics, Lawn & Garden, and Power Tools. I just donated an older but still functional vacuum cleaner and the instruction book went with it. I’m planning to donate a lot of the power tools soon to a local tool lending library and the books will go with them also.

Dang! What a good idea. I’m going to start doing that, just using my phone ‘contacts’ list under the same alphabetizing system. For me, it’s harder to misplace a phone than an address book since my iPad will make my phone ring when it is lost in the couch cushions.

Thanks for the tip-it’s a good one.

I have to agree, sheer sparkling genius!

I’m def doing it!

Try this:
(Relevant Garfield cartoon.)

Sorry, too new and tech daft to know how to create a link.

Been served this coffee, it’s good. Definitely has a kick. Bit of a cult following but it’s a fun one.

Drink up​:coffee::coffee::coffee:

as noted above we ordered some and aunt went through a 10 pack andn ow has a subscription since the 50 pack they sent is almost gone too but she gives some to everyone that comes over …

my relatives whos been in construction for 45 years and could drink diesel fuel from the pump say its too much for them lol

Agreed. My slightly expanded version of this is: Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it initially looks.

Best “lifehack for ADD” I’ve done is to make my lists* as a calendar item, with an alert. So, Saturday at 11am ::ping!:: ACE: get mink trap.

And I’ve always got my list with me at any store, whether it’s a planned stop or not.

*Oh, and these are shopping lists and To Do lists.
I’m ADD enough that I’ll often say “Not only would i have forgotten to take the car in, I don’t even remember writing this down. Saturday digs would like to thank Thursday digs for his help.”

Don’t have ADD but I may hafta borrow that - it’s genius @digs and thank you for sharing!

I, too, have often thanked “Past Me” for stuff. Or conversely, grumbled about doing something but knew that FuturePurple would be grateful. (Staying up late to fix tomorrow’s work lunch is a top example.)

On the flip side to that, one of the funniest tweets/tumblr/whatever quotes I ever saw get passed around was something to the effect of:

"I finally found my wallet!

It was under my dresser, with a note saying, ‘Ha ha! You found me!’

Drunk me is an asshole, man."

My last car had a feature on the sound system that would disable it if it lost power, and once it was repowered you had to enter a code to reactivate it.

It was designed to prevent theft by making it useless to anyone that stole it, but I could see right away that it might be a problem if my battery ever died.

So I put this code in my phone book under the name Car Radio. I had to reactivate it several times during the 12 years I kept that car so I’m glad I used that trick.

Have a designated place for specific stuff, and make a habit of putting things back immediately when you’re done using it. Make a list if you have to. Never “lose” anything again.

I cook a lot. I also like to find faster, easier ways to do things - it’s the Frank Galbraith in me coming out.

I watch Japanese cooking videos on youtube, and notice that the cooks use little rectangular steel trays as part of their food prep. They’re used for holding meat that you’re seasoning or breading, and they neatly hold cut-up veg and other ingredients in readiness for going into the pot. You can also line them with paper towels and use them to receive just-fried food.

I went online and bought myself a couple in two different sizes, and they make a world of difference. Food prep goes faster and cleaner, and the trays wash off quickly and don’t corrode or mark up your white sink (like aluminum sheet pans, for example).

I do this with a few things, but often fall into the trap of not keeping track of any at all figuring there are others elsewhere. Workgloves, I’m looking at (for) YOU! I am a supreme klutz. Mrs. Bays laments I would forget my %!@& if it wasn’t attached to my body!

As aforementioned, give it a home. Same pocket, same shelf, always goes home, when it’s not home it’s clearly amiss and stands out needing to be properly placed.

Hijack: I wear several pairs of the same everyday pants. Recently, they’ve altered the design removing a cargo pocket on one side causing me to have one pair of pants that are not like the others interrupting my daily routine… Arrgh! /Hijack

(For Windows operating system, at least. Later versions, not sure of details, but I use these tricks often)

Ctrl-Shft-T reopens the last tab you closed (Chrome or Firefox browser.)

Ctrl-Shift-Esc brings up Task Manager.

These are 2 of my 3 favorites. The 3rd one is Ctrl-Z (undo) for when your entire reply disappears on you while you’re composing it.

If you come to a fork in the road, take it.

This is common sense behavior to me. I don’t make any lists though.