Little life and/or sanity saving tips

If you are making a pot or cup of Death Wish coffee, do not hit the “STRONG” button on your coffee maker.

death wish coffee? is this an actual product? and if so a link to it ?

Yeah, me want. :sunglasses:

Hre you go.

:astonished: :coffee:

oh i have to try this out on my aunt … she has the "strong"setting on permanently on her k-machine … she’s never met a coffee that was too strong …

Its sold at my local Fred Meyer, which is PNW arm of Kroger. Ive also seen it at Safeway. A friend of mine is deeply in love with the stuff but I confess that I’ve not tried it myself. I should, I love strong coffee.

You know someone out there is reading this thread and going, “There’s a “strong” button?!? Challenge accepted!” and rushing out to buy some of your Death Wish coffee.

My contribution to the thread is, “Never pass up an opportunity to sleep, shower, or shit.” Particularly on road trips.

Or fuck.

My mother (of blessed memory) always used to say, “Never pass up a good bathroom.”

Don’t snuggle your sweetie after chopping hot peppers.

A tip? If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you… then you’ve failed to fully understand the situation.


NEVER read the comments section.

my aunt whos drank the strongest coffee she could find for 60 years and has the “strong” setting on her k-machine permanently just tried it … she sniffed it and said "well it smells strong " took a long sip and said "well its stronger than black silk but maybe i’ve been drinking coffee too long " its pretty good tho " i’m sure if anyone else drinks it they’ll be knocked over lol

I am drinking a large mug of it right now doctored with a (large)shot of black sambuca.

Trust is the first step on the road to betrayal.

Always put your keys in the same place. Saves lots of time. Even better if you can put your wallet/purse in the same spot.

Double that for glasses, esp. if you can’t see to friggin’ find your glasses when you’re not wearing 'em.

I recently stuck a small whiteboard to my fridge, to jot down stuff that’s close to needing to GO or meal ideas or just reminders that I bought such-and-such and need to prep it long before I want to get around to eating it.
It’s helping a lot with forgotten leftovers and produce that is dutifully purchased and fetched home then dutifully thrown away once it rots.

If you write down a list of stuff you need at the hardware store it doesn’t do any good if you don’t take the list with you to the hardware store.

I tend to run the dishwasher at night while I’m asleep. Since there are only two of us in the house and neither are big time cooks or entertainers, it doesn’t get run all that often. I’ve taken to leaving the detergent bottle out on the counter in front of my morning tea supplies so that I remember to unload the machine.

Unloading the DW as my tea brews has the added advantage of starting my day off with at least one chore crossed off my list too :slight_smile: