Don't you hate it when . . .

you sneeze, and the sneeze horks up a bunch of mucus and lodges it in your pharynx, and you wind up coughing for the next 45 minutes? I thought sneezes were supposed to clear out your respiratory tract. Stupid biology.

Anyway, feel free to share yours. If it’s gross, bring it on. The mods love that.

Your normally organized self can’t manage to find your own ass with a ten man search party?

I’ve had mornings where I’ve dumped the coffee water into the filter department and then stood there staring stupidly at it. Scrambled up some eggs and then realized that we’re not having eggs. Poured a cup of coffee and then dumped it into the sink.

Maybe I need some bloodwork of some sort.

When the light turns green, but the lead driver forgot he’s driving. Grrr!

The other morning, I poured a cup of coffee, and a bowl of cheerios. I then sliced up 4 or 5 strawberries…in my coffee. I wasn’t even distracted.

I have a small cabinet that the cats’ stuff goes in. Among the things in there, I keep a kitchen towel that goes on the counter while I prep their food. The other day I rolled it back up and put it in the refrigerator.

Awesome! I’m definitely noticing a trend of coffee-related brain cramps. Y’all probably do better *after *caffeine.

It’s hardly even noticeable, I do it so often, but for me it’s tea - I make a cup and leave it to brew on the counter for 3.5 minutes . . . then come back three hours later to the strongest, most tannic cup of tea ever, cold and forgotten. This sometimes happens even when I set a timer - it goes off, I turn it off, get distracted, and the tea gets left in the dust.

Or sometimes I put my tea strainer in the cup, boil water, pour hot water into the cup, and then realize there isn’t any tea in there. :smack:

I hate it when my ear gets blocked up with wax, so I stick my finger in my ear and wurgle it around to try and clear it, but it just ends up compacting the wax even more.

I do this in the full knowledge of the result, but I, just, can’t, resist.

I hate when the dog decides to stand up as I’m stepping over him

I raise brine shrimp for my aquarium fish.
There are two jars, I alternate feeding so that in the morning I put eggs in jar A and feed from jar B that evening.
Sometimes, stumbling about at 6:00 Ante Meridian, I dump the eggs into the jar I am to harvest from, not the empty one.

I do that kind of stuff when I make food when I’ve been drinking. The other day I found a raw bratwurst in a bag of puffed corn and the mustard in the silverware drawer. At least this time I didn’t leave the oven on all night.

I have forgotten to put the fabric softener in the washer.
I have forgotten to close the lid.

Last week I forgot to put the clothes in.
No alcohol or lack of sleep involved.
However I was really really pissed off.

I’ve gone through a fast food drive-thru, paid at the first window, and then proceeded to drive right on past the second window without my food.

After work I go to pick up my son from daycare. Many times I drive right past and have to turn around to go back for him. A few times, I’ve done that twice in a row. The daycare is not on my way home, so I really don’t have an excuse.

When I have a morning where something goes wrong right away, dropping a glass of water, getting out some food then forgetting to eat it, anything like that, it’s a certainty things will go bad for the rest of the day. I don’t know if it’s a self fulfulling prophecy or some kind of metabolic blip, but it happens, and I hate it when it does.

All the rest of these have happened to me.

OK, Og help me for posting this.

I hate it when one takes a dump and wipe… nope, needs another one, wipe… nope, needs another one, wipe… nope, needs another one, wipe… nope, needs another one, wipe… nope, needs another one…

Fuck it. I’m getting in the shower.

I hate when I send an angry text to the wrong person.

You get that feeling like you’re going to sneeze, but you don’t? I HATE that.

The older I get the more often I fart when I cough. (So that’s why old ladies used to go pop pop pop.)

This week, when I cough, sneeze, etc., I pretty much have to head right for the bathroom to deal with, ahem, “gushing” that necessitates changing sanitary protection.

I really look forward to menopause.

I hate it when I wipe, let go, and it doesn’t drop into the bowl! Now I have to re-contact it, and I don’t know where’s clean and where’s dirty!