Little Man

Oh dear Lord, just saw the trailer now for Little Man again, I’m wondering how this thing is going to do. I mean everything thing the Wayans Brothers put out turns into (suprsingly) Box office gold. I was strangely amused by White Chix…anyone else gonna check out this out…

Judging by the trailer, this is a movie that should be quietly taken out behind the woodshed and shot. Everyone should deny knowing it ever existed.

As pointed out (by Push You Down et al) in these threads, the concept has already been done by Bugs Bunny.

It’s official: It’s the end times, and humanity is doomed.
“Little Man,” The New Worst Movie of All Time

. . . and by Rainier Wolfcastle . . .

I don’t know. I guess I don’t get the hate.

It looks at least as funny as any other “hideout in disguise” movie. That’s not to say I have high hopes for it, but at least as high hopes as for “Big Mommas House” or “Blue Streak”.

To me, it all depends on whether you think Marlon Wayans is funny. Even if you don’t, I don’t get why this should be the worst movie ever, or that people are actively hoping that it fails.

I think the guy shaving while wearing the diaper looks pretty funny, and the dad getting in the tub with him looks funny.

A local reviewer suggested they should have just used the short dude from Bad Santa in it. I think that would have been a good choice. Poor taste. But a good choice.

How so; they used a nine-year-old white dwarf painted brown for the body as it was.

How so what?

The reviewer suggested they actually use the actorTony Cox instead of Marlon’s head digitally stuck on a body.

As I said in the thread I started, I can not buy for a second that someone could think this little-person criminal is a toddler.


I liked the idea more when it was Bugs Bunny starring in it.

I like the phrase used here regarding the parents’ intelligence: “cataclysmically stupid”.

What more reason do you need?

Did anyone catch the ad for this movie they were running on Adult Swim?

I really, really hate, nay, despise, the commercial spots during AS which sort of pretend to be AS bumps. And the one for Little Man was just about the best example illustrating why I hate it.


I guess I wasn’t clear on how that would be in poor taste, and that maybe what they did was in worse taste??