Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Theatrical ending or original ending?

In the 1986 remake of LSOH, the version with Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Steve Martin and Levi Stubbs’ voice as Audrey II, the original ending was cut from the film and it was re-edited with a happy “Hollywood” ending, as focus groups hated it.

For the longest time I had only seen the revised theatrical ending, but a while back, the rough cut original ending (in B/W) was posted on YouTube

Saw it, loved it, I thought it made the film far stronger, and true to the original musical play and original Nicholson film

Another edit of the original ending is on YT, this one from the Directors Cut DVD, in color and with some added CGI, but still largely practical effects

When you get a chance, look up the updated original ending on YT…
For those that have seen both endings, which one do you prefer? Original or Extra Crisp…err…Hollywood Happy Ending?

I especially love the original ending for a couple reasons;

1; it gives the film a far stronger, grittier, and darker ending, Seymour doesn’t get away with being an accessory to 3 homicides, even if one could be considered justified
2; sometimes it’s just so much fun to see an utterly unabashedly bad guy (or bad guys) win, and win big (Audrey II’s), especially when they are having such an obviously great time doing so, they’ve won, they may as well flaunt it!
3; no matter how you slice it, the Audrey II is an imminently likable bad guy, he may be a bad veggie, but he’s got style, charm, and character in spades, even if he is a botanical sociopath
4; I HATE cities, I loathe them, too many people jammed too close together, seeing a “flock” (?bouquet? :wink: ) of Twoeys laying waste to Manhattan in a Godzilla-esque rampage can’t help but bring a smile to my face… I especially love the one scene where Twoey lets an elevated subway train run into his trap…

Original, by far.

The original, if only for the song.

You forgot an option: original 1960 Roger Corman ending. This gets my vote.