Little Women's Jo Vs Scarlet O'Hara

Mrs. Plant is watching Little Women.
I figure Scarlet O’Hara from Gone With the Wind could kick any of their asses.

What say you?

I agree. Scarlett would chew her up and spit out the remains.

I dunno, I think Marmie could hold her own. Especially Susan Sarandon’s Marmie.

Scarlett, hands down. Marmee’s tough, but she wouldn’t have it in her to fight dirty. Same goes for Jo–their moral base is too strong. However, there is no low Scarlett would not sink to in order to win, I don’t think.

Thirded. Jo’s great and has survived some adversity, but not nearly on the level that Scarlett has. I can’t see her marrying someone just for financial advantage, and she hasn’t got a bitchy bone in her body.


She’s completely ruthless when it comes to getting what she wants, it won’t matter to her if she hurts other people.

The March girls are generally tough, but they’re also kind-hearted, and won’t step on someone else just to win.

But if you are pitting Vivian Leigh against Katharine Hepburn… no contest. Katie all the way.

Or how about Katharine Hepburn as Jo vs. Winona Ryder… also no contest.

I think a better question would be who is more long-suffering, Melanie or Beth?

Melanie. Because Beth didn’t live long enough to see another woman try to steal her husband, lose her home, watch her husband go off to war and be taken prisoner, almost starve, almost die in childbirth, be forced into farm labor when practically an invalid, have to bury a body, put on an act as her husband is brought home with a gunshot wound from a KKK meeting, and hold her head up as rumors fly that he’s having an affair with her sister-in-law. Oh, and then actually die in childbirth.

Beth has to sew sheets to make ends meet, gets a sugar-daddy neighbor to give her a piano, reads Pilgrim’s Progress, feeds some destitute Germans, catches scarlet fever and snuffs it. Not pleasant for her, but she has blancmange while Melly has sowbelly. Melly all the way.

Scarlett by far- although I admit I never understood the love for Little Women.

Scarlett is not just a mega tough bitch, but she does have a kernel of a heart buried really deep. Ok… really, really f-ing deep but it’s there. I really thought she was just a bitch when I read GWTW the first few times, but when I read it again last year, after a 5 year break or so, I really saw more of her good side than I did before.

Jo went on to be pretty tough on Facts of Life.

I’d say Scarlett, until or unless you go after Jo’s family. Then all bets are off.

Possibly, although I’d say at least 75% of Scarlett’s attitude comes from the fact that she is the only one even trying to keep her family afloat.

For Marmee vs. Mammy, Mammy would mop the floor with her even though she’s not a maid.

Scarlet the harlot will always beat a Jo.

How would any of them do against zombies?

Her little sister Amy sure did, though. Amy turned out okay thanks in large part to her good family, but I think she could definitely get in touch with her inner bitch if she had to.

i agree, i think amy could take on scarlett. they are a bit closer in temperment.

Amy was spoiled, but she grew out of it. Scarlett could take them on all at once, especially if they tried to take Tara.

Rhett would sit there all night and shoot them if they came back.