Littleleage injury results in coach being sued

I can see that. Going in head-first can be pretty dangerous. It’s done, sure, but most slides you see are feet-first for a reason.

That all said, any kind of sliding is inherently dangerous. I’ve never learned how to slide, so I’m not about it to try it now. Still, it’s a stupid lawsuit. The kid’s young, the break will heal easily enough, and breaking his arm sliding would probably have gotten him a little teasing and a lot more praise if his stupid mother hadn’t gotten involved.

My husband, the Babe Ruth League baseball coach, says sliding is perfectly legal in all the leagues he knows of. Head-first sliding is, however, discouraged. Sliding is taught perfunctorily, and most kids have no problem sliding even without massive training. The lawsuit is bullshit. If you don’t want precious baby getting hurt, keep them wrapped in bubble wrap in their padded room. If they want to come out and play with the rest of the world, sometimes they will get hurt. Then they get to learn about healing and injuries and not to do that again.

He also mentions that all Little League and all other league coaches are almost certainly volunteers, and if they have to worry about being sued in bullshit suits like this, all the coaches would most likely quit instantly. Some fun baseball for all the rest of the kids now with no coaches at all.