Littleleage injury results in coach being sued

A kid breaks his arm sliding into base obviously the parent should try to make money off it. I think anytime someone tries on of the frivolous lawsuits the state should file a lawsuit against them for being a drain on society.

I think they need to install a trap-door in the court room, like in those James Bond movies when SPECTRE is having a status review meeting. Do or say something sufficiently stupid, and the judge presses the big red button.

Their coffee was dangerously hoooooooooooooo :: splat ::

The coffee also may, or may not, have been nappy headed.

I’m certain that deals could be made with ACME for this.

I had heard some time ago that Little League had a “no sliding” rule, but I really don’t know. Guess that’s not the case.

That is not the case, they even try to teach 7 year olds how to slide and run the bases.

Jean Gonzalez & her lawyer should be thrown in jail for contempt of decent behavior and gross stupidity.


Foam bases?

Hell in a handbag, people.

Well, all your regular bases R… Nah. Too easy.

You want to know why kids are turning to drugs and sex at ever earlier ages? This sort of nonsense is why. They’ll do anything to try to blot out their idiot parents.

Fucking A.

Not to mention that, in my day anyway, a kid that could come to school with his arm in a cast with a great story of how he broke it while sliding into base would’ve been King For The Day. Now, apparently, it’s a traumatic event that’ll scar the child for life.

Can we counter-sue the parent for ruining American culture?

it’s been a fair amount of time since I was in little league, but I have a vague recollection of them either frowning upon our outright restricting head-first sliding. Little League is when you’re first able to start stealing bases, and banning sliding is like saying, “Hey… don’t bother stealing.” Besides, the logical part of my brain tells me it’s probably safer to slide on a close play so you don’t get smacked in the face by the ball when the basemen invariably misses the throw.

Of course, MMV depending on the locale.

Can MLB sue for slandering baseball…please? They pick on every other little thing that might take a dime off of their revenue. Finally, something worthwhile to sic their pack of hyena-like shysters after.

This is not a broken arm. How do you slide into a foam base and require mutliple surgeries?

This lawsuit should be stopped pretty easily. All they have to do is ask the coach how he instructed the boys to slide, back it up by asking the boys, and then see if it’s how you should slide. If the coach told the boys to leap into the air and land headfirst on the base, then let the suit go.

Sure thing… but if the Coyote were the judge and he made the purchase HE would be the one falling throught the trap-door!


True Blue Jack

Yikes. Tonight I coach my first soccer game. I never considered the threat of a lawsuit.

I support the lady. Hell, I am hoping to turn this into a class action suit.

That jerk of a coach never taught me how to slide properly either. About 1990, good lord that is a long time ago now, I dislocated my shoulder sliding into 3rd base. I had to be placed under a general anesthetic in order to have it re-set. My right arm was imobilized for about one month. I had limited mobility for about 6 months and I have still never regained full strength. Did I mention it was my right arm? How much money is one month of substandard masturbation worth? Lots, I’d say.

I don’t think that the fact that this guy never coached me is important. The fact is a child got hurt and by god, somebody is going to pay.

Land on top of your arm when you drop down.

My older bother broke his arm playing baseball. He might have even been sliding(I’m not sure how he did it.) He broke both bones in his wrist one pierced his skin. It did required multiple surgeries and he has a permanent scar. It took a few years for the strength to get back to where it should be. No permanent disability I know of.

That’s it! Head-first sliding is what I recalled being restricted.

Indeed, when I was in high school, we were required to slide if there was any possibility of a play. It’s not only dangerous to the runner–who is not only liable to get hit by the ball, but is also likely to turn an ankle or sprain their knee–but to the fielder, to not slide.